Ourselves, Our Souls and Bodies - Available for Pre-order

Riverbend Press and the Charlotte Mason Institute are pleased to announce the republication of Mason's Volume 4, Ourselves, Our Souls and Bodies.  We selected this volume to republish early in the schedule because of its importance to students in Forms 3 and up.  It is available as a single "combined" volume for parents and separate volumes for students, as it was originally published in 1905.  This is an excerpt from Mason's Preface...

"The two ‘Books’ are published separately in order that each may be put into the hands of the readers for whom it is designed; but, because parents and teachers should make a particular study of such moral teaching as they may offer to the young people for whom they are responsible, it seems desirable that the two volumes should form one of the ‘Home Education Series.’"

The volumes have an updated typeface and new margins while preserving the original pagination.  The combined volume for parents contains Books I and II of Ourselves along with a new Foreword by Elizabeth Cottrill.   This volume is a hardcover, fold-sewn book made for durability and beauty.  The Primrose is on the spine, a wildflower common in Ambleside, England, where Mason spent many years of her life.  

The individual volumes of Ourselves, Book I, Self-Knowledge and Book II, Self-Direction, are designed for students to keep and use throughout their lives.  These library-quality, hardcover books contain the original Prefaces written to students by Mason.

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Our updated publication schedule for the remaining books will be posted shortly!