Vermeer - PNEU Historical Collection

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Vermeer - PNEU Historical Collection


Johannes Vermeer


b. October 31, 1632, Delft, Netherlands

d. December 16, 1675, Delft, Netherlands

View of Delft; Lady at the Virginals with a Gentleman; The Little Street; The Milkmaid; Woman Reading a Letter; Christ in the House of Mary and Martha

The images included in this PNEU Historical Collection set comes directly from an article on the artist in the Parents' Review. The set also includes a copy of the article containing a simple introduction to each piece. 


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The price listed is per set.  One set of Historical Artist Prints contains six high-quality images of works produced by an individual artist.  On occasion, additional prints are included to enhance the study.  All works are in the public domain.  The images are printed on 8.5 x 11 coated-card stock durable enough for classroom use.  Each set of prints includes a cover page which contains the title of the painting, the location where it usually resides, the year(s) it was painted and the size of the painting rounded to the closest 1/2-1/4 inch.  Included in the Historical sets is the article from the Parents' Review which describes each painting.

Artist Prints usually ship within 2 weeks.

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Images included in a set of Artist Prints may change from time-to-time.